Thursday, February 8, 2007

Colombo attorney scoffs at racketeering charge

In his closing argument in Manhattan federal court yesterday, Chris Colombo's attorney Jeremy Schneider acknowledged that his client has run a successful gambling business but insisted that there was no evidence of an extended criminal enterprise or of any attachment to the mob, according to a story by Oliver Mackson of the Times Herald-Record.

Federal prosecutors charge that Chris Colombo and his brother Anthony were engaged in gambling, loansharking, extortion and bribery, as part of a racketeering organization they dub "the Colombo Brothers Crew." The prosecutors claim that the brothers used the perception of an attachment to the Mafia family once ruled by their late father, Joseph Colombo, to terrorize their victims.

"He has wire rooms," Schneider admitted. "He has customers dying to lose money. Does it make any sense that he would hurt his customers?"

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Deep Water: Joseph P. Macheca
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by Thomas Hunt and
Martha Macheca Sheldon

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