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Secrets: Glickman reconsiders, testifies

After several days in downtown Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center, bookmaker Joel Glickman agreed to testify Monday in the Family Secrets trial, according to a story by Steve Warmbir of the Chicago Sun-Times. On the stand, Glickman said he previously refused to testify because he feared retaliation.

Glickman (left) testified that he paid street tax to the Chicago Outfit amounting to as much as $400,000 over the years for the right to take bets. The gambling bookmaker stated that he took out a $20,000 loan from defendant Frank Calabrese Sr. in the late 1960s.

Before family, before God

Frank Calabrese Jr., son of the reputed Outfit bigshot, testified about the instructions his father gave to him with regard to underworld membership. "One of the rules of the Outfit was... the Outfit family came before your blood family... it also came before God," the younger Calabrese told the jury.

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Isgro works on Luciano film bio

The Los Angeles Times reports that producer Joseph Isgro, once branded a Gambino Crime Family member by the FBI, is now preparing for a movie biography of Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. Isgro previously produced the film "Hoffa," starring Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito.

Alleged Springfield MA killers plead not guilty

Adolfo Bruno

Adolfo Bruno

Fotios A. "Freddy" Geas, 40, of West Springfield MA, and Brandon D. Coteau, 29, formerly of Springfield, yesterday pleaded not guilty in the 2003 murder of local mob boss Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno, according to a story by Stephanie Barry of the Springfield Republican.

Bruno (right), who led western Massachusetts rackets for the New York-based Genovese Crime Family, was shot to death outside an Italian social club on Nov. 23, 2003.

Frankie Roche

Frankie Roche

Authorities believed years ago that they had Bruno's killer. On the eve of his murder trial, defendant Frankie A. Roche (left) became a government witness. His trial was postponed indefinitely.

Geas and Croteau were subsequently indicted. Authorities say Geas and his brother Ty C. Geas once served as enforcers for Bruno's successor Anthony J. Arillotta.

Superior Court Judge Tina S. Page ordered both defendants held for trial. Croteau is already imprisoned for a drug crime. Geas' attorney attempted without success to arrange for a release on bail. A pretrial conference is scheduled for Jan. 9.

Russian mobsters tried for murder

Two alleged Russian mobsters are on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court for 1992 killings, according to a story by Nancie L. Katz of the New York Daily News.

Marat Krivoi, 37, and Vitaly Ivanitsky, 33, both immigrants to the U.S., are on trial for the underworld executions of Boris Roitman in August 1992 and Thien Diep in December of that year. Informants provided law enforcement with evidence in the slayings just last year.

Krivoi, imprisoned since 1993 for two other killings, is reportedly the son-in-law of Russian Mafiya bigshot Boris Nayfield.

Jury learns of Basciano-Massino friction

Richard "Shellackhead" Cantarella, once an underboss in the Bonanno Crime Family, told a federal jury last week that defendant Vincent Basciano wasn't a favorite of former boss Joseph Massino, according to a story by Stefanie Cohen of the New York Post.

Massino did not see eye-to-eye with Basciano (right), who took over the family's top spot when Massino was sent away to prison. "He was always leery of Vinny," Cantarella said. "He didn't know how he made his money. He thought he was too quick, too hot-headed."

Massino (left) steered clear of a favorite restaurant, Casa Blanca in Queens, whenever he thought Basciano might be around, Cantarella added.

The two Bonanno bigshots expressed contrary underworld philosophies during an induction ceremony. Basciano felt that prospective Mafia members should have to commit a murder for the organization in order to be considered for full membership. Massino felt good earners should get a pass on that traditional requirement.

Basciano, already imprisoned on a racketeering conviction, is on trial for the racketeering murder of Frank Santoro. Last year, a jury deadlocked on the Santoro murder charge.

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