Sunday, February 4, 2007

NYC police dig for gang victims

New York Post photo
New York City Police dug up a Brooklyn back yard yesterday, investigating a report that victims of gang murders were buried there, according to a story by Larry Celona and John Doyle of the New York Post.

The police were acting on a tip from a defendant in a drug case. The informant reportedly stated that his father buried three bodies in an old cesspool behind #724 Drew St. in Brooklyn. The site is just blocks away from the Ruby Street and Blake Avenue location where authorities discovered the remains of Alfonse "Sonny Red" Indelicato in 1981 and of Philip Giaccone and Dominick "Big Trin" Trinchera in 2004.

With bloodhounds standing by, police excavated a 3-foot-by-5-foot area of the backyard. No human remains were found. But police said they were considering returning to the site with a backhoe.

Bonanno Crime Family boss Joseph Massino was convicted of the murders of Indelicato, Giaccone and Trinchera - the "Three Capos" - in 2004.

Mass. father, son charged with running gambling ring

Elias Samia, 41, and his father Edward Samia, 68, were arrested yesterday for running a gambling ring in Worcester, MA, according to a story by Milton J. Valencia of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

The two men, both residents of 1 Carleton St., Rochdale, were arrested at the English Social Club, 29 Camp Street, in Worcester. Edward Samia is listed in Massachusetts records as the president and clerk of the social club. Elias Samia, according to police, has been linked with notorious figures in the local underworld. Detectives seized $10,000 in cash at the club.

Edward was charged with five counts of registering bets; setting up, promoting, permitting a lottery; selling lottery tickets; and permitting public gaming. His son was charged with registering bets; setting up, promoting, permitting a lottery; and selling lottery tickets.

Elias Samia is a suspect in the 1994 disappearance and probable murder of Kevin Harkins. He has previous arrests for drug charges and motor vehicle violations. He has been linked with convicted drug trafficker John R. Fredette and with Matteo Trotto, now jailed on a 1999 conviction on drug and gun charges. Trotto was shot in an apparent gang-related attack in 2004. Police believe he was targeted by a group led by Eugene A. "Gino" Rida, Jr., which was attempting to take over Massachusetts factions of the New England Mafia Family.

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