Friday, February 1, 2008

Killers Krivoi, Ivanitsky sentenced to 25-to-life

Two Ukrainian immigrants, Marat Krivoi and Vitaly Ivanitsky, were sentenced yesterday to 25 years to life in prison for the 1992 killings of two men in Brooklyn, according to the New York Times. The killers were convicted in separate trials this past August.

According to authorities, Krivoi is the former son-in-law of Boris Nayfield, a leading figure in the Russian Mafiya.

Krivoi (left) reportedly ordered the shooting death of Boris Roitman, 21, and personally killed Thien Diep, 24. He feared that criminal associate Roitman was serving as a police informant and ordered him killed by Pyotr Sarkisov, according to prosecutors. Roitman died of a shotgun blast to the chest on Aug. 26, 1992. Diep, a high-stakes pool player, was shot in the head by Krivoi during a Sept. 23, 1992, robbery, as Ivanitsky served as lookout and driver.

Prosecutors said Krivoi, then in his early 20s, was the leader of a gang specializing in burglary and extortion. He has been imprisoned since 1993 for two other killings.
Prosecutors were hampered in their efforts to resolve the Roitman and Diep killings by witnesses' unwillingness to testify. Informants began providing evidence in the cases only in 2006, 14 years after the killings occurred.

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